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Stories are powerful.

We craft and create distinction for your brand through visual story-telling.  


every brand has a story to tell.  

We infuse humanity back into business.  We try to tell a story that is true to your core. 


Own Your story. 

We illuminate ideas to evoke emotion, cultivate brand loyalty + ignite action.

+our story

Our logo is simplistic ... like our approach

Why vintage light bulbs? They represent ideas, a minimalistic style, perfectionists + eludes to classic story-telling. There is a story behind it, so ask us in person!

Our X’s + O’s

Everyday is gameday.  So for shoots and brand brainstorming, we bring our game faces. As a team, we have fun collaborating day-to-day, but we know how to get things done.  From concept to delivery, we make sure it gets done right.

Our colors

We love golden hour. Our favorite time to shoot is when the sun is soft + sharing gold flecks. That inspired our color theme.

What’s with the plus signs

Just a reminder that we are here to brighten your brand, which is a big plus + a positive step for you.  

What does docu+brand mean

It’s a word we made up.  It eludes to a docu-style approach to boosting your brand creatively.  We should trademark it.  That’s in the works too.

What we do best

We are storytellers. We are Producers/Editors/Animators/Coordinators/Writers/Get it Done-er’s/Graphic Designers/On Air Talent(ers)/Shooters/Production Gurus/Marketing Ninjas.  We wear many hats as well as rely on a network + deep team of experienced freelancers.

The tone

 We all learned from big corporations and worked with the best of the best in our industry.  We are just emulating that same quality but in a boutique creative agency setting.

Our philosophy is simple

We are makers of our craft.  We are super passionate + love what we do.  We wake up every morning wanting to be creative and inspire.


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our clients range from startups to non-profits to Fortune 500 companies

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